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Roman Lydia, Sala, large AE time of Marcus Aurelius

ID Number: 5571
Category: Ancient Greek & Roman
Catalogue Number: cf. Martin, Demos p. 115
Grade: near EF
Weight: 30.00 g.
Date: 161 - 180 AD
Mint: Roman Lydia, Sala
Denomination: AE 35 mm.
Pedigree: Triton XXI, L. 495
Ruler: time of Marcus Aurelisus
Price: $3000. sold
Additional Details

LYDIA, Sala. time of Marcus Aurelius, AD 161-180. Æ, 35mm, 30.00 g, 6h. Dama(s), archon for the first time. ΔHMOC, laureate head of youthful Demos right / ЄΠI ΔAMA A-PXONTOC A CAΛHNΩN, Zeus Ladraundos on horseback right, holding double-axe. Unpublished in the standard references, but cf. Martin, Demos p. 115, 7 for similar.

Good VF, green-brown surfaces, minor cleaning marks.  Rare.  $3000.

Martin’s seemingly unique entry no. 7 for Sala (= Triton XIV, L. 732) features the same types but has the ethnic on the obverse rather than reverse.
Both sides
Princess Kaiulani Collection
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